The Key Benefits from Sourcing Optimization

In the final installment in a three part series, we explore what the key benefits of sourcing optimization are. The first post appears here: Sourcing Optimization – A Definition , with the second post appearing on this page: Why Sourcing Optimization is Finally Taking Off? So what are the key benefits of Sourcing Optimization? Sourcing optimization starts from a strategic … Read More

Why Sourcing Optimization is Finally Beginning to Take off?

In the second in a three part series, Alan Gleeson explores what sourcing optimization is and explains some reasons for its growing popularity? Read Part 1 here – Sourcing Optimization – A Definition. The Building Blocks for Sourcing Optimization Ensuring demand is broken down into small granular lots is a key element in the market-informed sourcing component. There are a … Read More

Sourcing Optimization I A Definition I Part 1

A recent post by Peter Smith of SpendMatters UK asked why don’t we hear more noise in the procurement world about Market Informed Sourcing? One reason Peter cited for the ‘lack of noise’ was that: “It still isn’t something that is widely talked about in procurement circles – most procurement people still couldn’t tell you, I suspect, what it is all … Read More