How Often Should Transport RFTs be Published?

In a recent survey conducted by Xeneta, shippers were asked how often they ran tendering exercises. This is a very interesting question because it poses several challenges for procurement teams and the right answer must address several unique factors for each business. The key factors that should decide timing and frequency of tendering are * current rates versus benchmarks for … Read More

SaaS Training – How it Works Best in an Agile Setting

Best practice training for SaaS is different in the way it is designed, delivered and sold because methodologies need to be mindful of the fast-changing world of SaaS applications. The biggest challenge of designing training for SaaS applications is maintenance. Keelvar updates so frequently, that traditional long-form training buckles under its own weight and becomes obsolete too quickly. It is … Read More

Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin

The impressive BME Symposium for Procurement and Logistics for 2016 has just concluded in Berlin. Among the many highlights, Siemens AG gave a presentation related to their experiences with Keelvar’s sourcing optimization software entitled ‘ESourcing 4,0’. Keelvar also attended as a conference partner and hosted a booth at the event and this post summarizes some of the conference highlights. The … Read More

eSourcing 4.0 – Siemens take on the future of eSourcing at the 51st BME Symposium on Purchasing and Logistics

eSourcing 4.0

Keelvar is proud to partner with the Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) to support Europe’s largest gathering of procurement, logistics and supply chain professionals. Beginning on Wednesday, November 9, in Berlin, the conference will provide a forum where like-minded organizations can share ideas and experiences on a range of topics, including: Purchasing 2030: thinking out of the … Read More

What is the most important KPI for an eSourcing solution?

Unfortunately, if we measure the adoption of Sourcing Optimization technology over the last 15 years, it’s not a rosy picture of success.  Despite long years of development, many facelifts and refocused efforts in converting business models from customized projects into “self-service” solutions, the adoption rate of these technologies is still hovering at a small percentage of the organizations that could … Read More

How Logistics Procurement Teams Can Mitigate Risks in Ocean Freight Transport

With the collapse of Hanjin, logistics managers across the world are striving to minimize supply chain disruptions. But the horse has bolted for some shippers that depended too heavily upon a vulnerable carrier. This post examines how “the stable door” should have been bolted in the first place because the prevention of such an over-exposure is far more effective that … Read More