Resolving the SME Public Procurement Conundrum

It was interesting to listen to Sara Murray from Buddi on BBC 4’s flagship Today programme this morning (March 14th). Ms Murray described some of the difficulties she had in a recent procurement engagement with the MOJ. She was particularly critical of the risk aversion of the procurement professionals she was dealing with in terms of their willingness to procure … Read More

How Market Design Can Help Drive Savings in Procurement

The concept of market design has received increased attention in recent years, primarily due to Alvin Roth winning a Nobel prize in Economics in 2012 for research in this area. Since then it’s application is gradually beginning to appear in a raft of different contexts. As this article by Alan Gleeson describes, the exciting news for those in procurement, is … Read More

How SME’s can win more Government Contracts

The importance of increasing the numbers of SME’s supplying to the UK government is of critical strategic importance, yet in practise the numbers winning government contracts remains small. This article explores why this is and what can be done to increase the numbers of smaller businesses winning contracts. Francis Maude MP has an aspiration that they “ would deliver 25% … Read More

Rational Bidding in eAuctions

Auction technology providers have a duty of care to buyers and their bidders to ensure that Auctions do not encourage irrational bidding that could lead to contract failure. We discuss some design issues that need to be considered during such There’s a famous result in Economics called the ‘Revenue Equivalence Theorem’ that states that the expected result across various types … Read More

Looking for Keelvar on G-Cloud?

Government Procurement Service (GPS) is part of the Efficiency & Reform Group in the Cabinet Office, connecting policy with delivery. A key priority for GPS is to provide procurement savings across the public sector in the U.K. and one main initiative supporting this aim is the CloudStore which was launched in 2012. While the chief architects, Chris Chant and Denise … Read More

To aggregate, or not to aggregate, that is the question

As more and more budgets come under pressure in the public sector, those procuring goods and services are increasingly looking at novel ways to save money. The challenge is the same across the U.K. – ‘can we get more for less?’. A starting point for many, is looking to derive savings via more efficient procurement. However, this is easier said … Read More

Councils Encouraged to Embrace Innovation in Procurement

I attended an excellent event in Cambridge yesterday entitled; Procurement and Commissioning Master Class. It was hosted by Eddie Gibson (East of England LGA/ SOPO National Executive), and chaired by Cllr Tony Jackson, (East of England LGA, and Leader, East Hertfordshire District Council). Speakers included; Ken Cole (Associate, East of England, LGA), Julie Collins (GPS), Al Collier (Head of Procurement, … Read More

Why G-Cloud is about to take off?

G-Cloud offers niche software providers an opportunity to develop applications the government never dreamt possible. As Alan Gleeson, of Keelvar argues, the real benefits of G-Cloud are far greater than even the most avid proponents have argued. Up until recently, many governments have been too prescriptive in defining ICT solutions in their procurement. Amongst other things, this stifled innovation. However … Read More

Supplier-Led Aggregation delivers Win-Win Outcomes

Procurement is a challenging task at the best of times, but when procurement managers ask staff to conduct Lot Design (breaking demand into atomic units that can be contracted with individual firms) in a manner that retains most economic value, they don’t realise what an impossible job this is. Only the suppliers have the accurate knowledge about their cost structures … Read More

How Keelvar Can Help Clients Optimize Efficiency

Keelvar can find cost savings for clients by gathering enhanced bid data from suppliers. By using Keelvar’s unique procurement software product it is possible to reason about conditional offers to compute the most economically advantageous outcome. Suppliers often have opportunities for realizing cost savings when they can work with buyers, but in large scale tendering these possibilities are lost without … Read More