February and March 2019 Release Notes


New features


We have continued 2019 to bring new features and updates to the Keelvar app.

The ‘Invite’ page has been re-organized and given a fresh look to improve the layout and usability of the features on this page.

New functionality has been added to the ‘Lot Groups’ page to allow users to copy filters across to multiple Lot Groups.

Improvements in detail…

Invitations and Bidder Configuration

We’ve removed the Bidder Configuration page and instead combined the features on the ‘Bidders’ tab. Each feature has been split into 3 distinct tabs: Invitations, Visibility and Bonus/Malus:

The ‘Visibility’ tab has been refreshed to allow for a cleaner layout. You can easily select the supplier you wish to edit lot visibility for, and simply toggle the bidder visibility. A master visibility file can also be downloaded and then uploaded by simply dragging and dropping your file onto the upload area for your changes to be uploaded into the system.

The ‘Bonus/malus’ tab follows the same layout as the ‘Visibility’. The desired supplier can be selected by clicking the ‘edit’ button, and then adjusting the Bonus/malus by Percentage or Turnover. Additionally, the master file can also be downloaded in to an excel format allow.

Copy Filters across to different Lot groups

We have now enabled a feature to allow you to easily copy a Lot Group filter across into different lot groups. Users can simply select the filter, and choose which Lot group/s they wish to copy the filter into.

Send all unsent invite

New ‘Send all unsent invites’ button has been added as an option to the invitations page to allow invitations to be sent to all email contacts that have not been sent an invite yet, instead of having to use the ‘Send All Invites’ button on each page.

Offline Bid Sheet Design

Offline bid-sheet designs allows users to upload a design that has more data inserted in rows outside the formatted area. Previously this would result in an error.