January 2019 Release Notes


New features


We started 2019 with numerous UX (user experience) improvements!
Users indicated that making it easy to find any failed bidder invitation was important so we listened and built new capabilities for this functionality.

We also enhanced the columns editor in the bid sheet design view. Furthermore, you can now manage event team members from within the event itself so you don’t need to step outside the event to manage team members and roles. We made numerous other improvements and caught some minor bugs too.

Some small improvements…

Improve visibility of failed bidder invitations.

Some users found it difficult to find failed bidder invitations. To this end, we improved the bidder invitation management screen to:

1. Allow filtering to “failed” status of invites.
2. Show a persistent message at the top of the screen when at least 1 invitation has failed.

Indicate which columns have restricted inputs on the column list

Validating the columns of a large bid sheet can be difficult as you can’t see at one glance which columns have their restricted inputs.

To this end, we improved the columns list view to allow the user to choose some extra column information to display.

Manage team members from within an event

To make team member management event easier, purchaser users can now manage their team from within the event itself.

Simple open the event and navigate down the “Event Overview” screen until you see the “Team members” section.

Improved Bidder Activity view filters.

Users can now filter the bidders list in the “Bidders Activity” view not just by bidder name, but also by the bidder’s email address.