November 2018 Release Notes


New features


Our November release introduces a new user management screen with the added ability to de-activate user accounts. The release also introduces the ability to create RFI sub-questions offline, lots of bug fixes and gating improvements for single-choice RFI questions.

New user management screen

Improved user management

Managing your organisation users has just become a whole lot easier with the new and improved user management screen. The screen now allows for much faster manual creation of users, supports search and filtering and allows for simpler user bulk creation via Microsoft Excel.

De-activating user accounts

When team members leave your team or organisation, you may wish to revoke their access to the Keelvar app. In the past, you had to submit a support request to in order to achieve this. The same applied to re-activating old user accounts. Now you can do it yourself!

RFI single-choice gating question improvements

Users sometimes create single-choice gating questions, but forget to specify a gating response. The end-result of this is that bidders can access the bid sheet by selecting any response to gating questions. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, we improved the validation mechanism around gating questions such that:

  • For single-choice responses, the user is now be obliged to specify a valid gating response.
  • The system blocks the publishing of an event when there exist single-choice gating questions for which no gating response has been selected
RFI sub-questions bulk import

It is now possible to create sub-questions in bulk via Excel. When you download the RFI template next time, you will see that a “Is sub-question” column has been added to the template. You can select “Yes” or “No” (leaving the cell blank will default it to “No” in the system). By selecting “Yes”, the question will become a subquestion of the previous top-level question.