Optimization: Higher Adoption is Where True Value Lies Cover

Optimization is the ultimate sourcing strategy but it is grossly under-utilized. An honest appraisal of its failure to become the de-facto standard approach in all mature Procurement functions is overdue. That’s why this paper starts by taking a look at why adoption rates are historically low before discussing what is changing in the marketplace and how a radical increase in adoption could be just around the corner. As a buyer, you have heard a lot about optimization, but what you really want to know is if optimization can be used on your problem, scale appropriately, adapt to unexpected developments, and be driven without the help of an expert resource. If you cannot use the optimization solution, and, more importantly, cannot use the solution to interact with your team in the context of a sourcing event, it does not matter how revolutionary the platform is or how many awards the platform has won.
That’s why, in this paper, we’re going to address the often overlooked, but still critical, softer side of optimization in contrast to the harder, more technical side that is traditionally addressed. Why?