Sourcing optimization is a strategy for engaging suppliers in an enriched bidding process that performs better than any other. It gathers more information from the market and lets buyers decide afterwards how they would like to split business among suppliers to maximize value using scenario analysis. Optimization secures the best downstream outcome for the purchaser.

The more open and expressive competition format involves disaggregating demand into smaller Lots and inviting bidders to bid on bundles that allow them to play to their strengths. It is designed to maximize competitive tension among suppliers, while also enabling suppliers to 1) hedge their risks; 2) make reasoned bids and 3) play to their strengths.
Allowing suppliers to communicate capacity constraints also lets them bid on more work than they can service, increasing competition further.

Intelligent bid sheet design

Using artificially intelligent design upload, an event design can be downloaded in Excel format for editing offline. Offline design updates can then be imported into the system using our upload AI. The AI determines everything from a column being a Currency, Number or Text input to whether it is an optional or mandatory input. The AI will also automatically hide columns that should not be visible to bidders – this is especially helpful to ensure historic prices or other sensitive data does not get inadvertently leaked.

A clean bid sheet layout gives immediate access to an overview of the current design. The bid sheet can be configured in minutes, and can be previewed just as a supplier would see it. 


A RFI can act as a qualification stage in a sourcing event. What makes optimization-backed sourcing superior to ordinary eSourcing is that the responses can be used within scenario analysis later, e.g. “what’s the added cost if we only award contracts to suppliers with a dangerous goods licences?”

  • Multiple response types such as number, yes/no, date or file uploads
  • Bulk upload / download
  • Customizable workflow
  • Gating Questions

RFQs and RFTs

A rich offering of options for capturing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of bids. A slick and user friendly interface for purchasers and bidders allows rapid execution of expressive bidding.

  • Single or Multi Round Bidding
  • Rich Feedback Options
  • Combinatorial Bidding
  • Formula Fields
  • Multi-currency support and robust validation
  • Benchmark Data Integration Options
  • Ultra Scalability – 100K+ Items, 1000+ Bidders
  • Invite Management / Soft and Hard Bounce detection
  • Pause / Resume / Edit controls
  • Scenario Analysis – Over 40 Types of Business Rules
  • Online or Offline Flows
  • Rich Reporting
  • Tableau Integration
  • UI Tours for Newly Registered Bidders
  • Rich and Open Support Portal

Multi-Lot eAuctions

Auctions are ideal for commodity goods or services where less strategic control, biasing or scenario analysis is required. Multi-lot eAuctions can facilitate package bidding so cost synergies are captured.


For commodity goods and services, multi-lot auctions can be a fast and effective mechanims for establishing a competitive clearing price.


Multi-lot auctions give granularity to bidders that make it clearer how they can win more business.


Auctions make it easy to justify award procedures and offer an audit trail.


Configure and purchase and event that suits your needs within minutes. No lengthy price negotiations, no barriers. Get started today.

  • The RoI is extremely high (50-100x)
  • Get started immediately
  • One Hour Training with all purchases
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Secure payment provider – Stripe
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Sourcing optimization

Enterprise Grade Security

  • Encryption of Data at Rest

    All data stored at rest in our infrastructure is fully encrypted using 256 bit ciphers.

  • Encryption of Data in Transport

    Data moving from client to our servers and between Keelvar servers on internal systems is also encrypted.

  • Public Key Infrastructure

    Keelvar has a public key infrastructure that can be used to authenticate and encrypt communications as required between trusted third parties and systems.

Global Product Support

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Well Maintained Support Portal

We offer a rich library of help videos and articles on our Support Portal. You will be able to find guides on getting started with your first event, information for buyers, tips for managing your events, product news and much more.

In addition is always on-hand to assist. Our support team in the closest time zone will react swiftly.

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Training requirements for Keelvar are much lower than any other optimization tool. Email to request our 4 stage training programme agenda.

Every screen and workflow in Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer has been designed to be intuitive. We also embed training materials and guided tours within the product. In addition, Keelvar provides a self-service Help Center containing articles and videos.

Live online and on-site training sessions are available.


Keelvar’s REST API can be used to hook into 3rd party systems with ease. Integrations can be facilitated in Enterprise agreements and tailored to customers specific requirements. Possible integrations include the following:

  • Supplier Databases
  • Benchmark Data
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Contract/Rate Management