The Keelvar Whitepaper: Better Value for Money through Smarter Competition Design

Transforming procurement is a significant claim, so can we substantiate it? We think we can, but rst we’d like to take you on a journey, outlining the steps Keelvar have taken to date in making a bold leap forward in facilitating how public sector bodies can leverage optimisation in an easy-to-use manner. Crucially, this innovation also allows these same bodies to meet a number of key internal objectives including; cost savings, SME access, simplicity, auditability, compliance and speed. In short, Keelvar is bringing a change in mindset to the procurement software sector. We believe that redesigning the competition format within an exercise is central to unlocking better value-for-money for clients. Our software is designed to complement any other procurement software tool or portal, adding an intelligence layer to drive ef ciency. And results to date have been impressive.