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Strong Design Lead Approach

People are busy. Too busy to learn new systems & ways of doing things. We ensure design is front and center with our approach. We will hold your hand on the first few exercises, then let you take control. Ease of use is not a phrase synonymous with procurement software - we are determined to change that.

Corporate Strategy Meets Sourcing

Our approach is a strategic one. We seek to understand your strategic objectives, and help ensure you achieve these using our approach. Worried about price/quality trade-off’s, a potential supplier cartel, incumbent switching costs or managing risk? We allow you factor these issues into your decision making.

Powerful Evaluation Engine

We deal with more advanced sourcing exercises, with numerous prospective suppliers, potentially bidding on hundreds of contracts/lots/lanes/line items. Evaluating the best outcome in such a scenario is difficult. But we then add more layers, allowing suppliers offer more expressive bids, as well as adding non price factors to the mix. The result is a computational headache, until you press click and our evaluation engine kicks in and does it all for you.

Delivers Optimized Results

Our approach is designed to elicit the most efficient outcome. That’s what makes us different. We add an intelligence layer to existing solutions (which we compliment). Our focus is on delivering the most efficient outcome; whether you are evaluating solely on price, or weighting price/ quality variables, or simply want to run scenarios based on min / max supplier numbers. The win:win approach also ensures all parties are able to play to their strengths.

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