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Benefits of Sourcing Optimization

Collect Rich Bid Information

Break requirements into granular form and collect prices on line items, e.g. price per location. [No more Lotting]. Invite bidders to offer package bids with contingent discounts where synergies arise. Each bidder has different strengths and weaknesses across their footprint and needs to package differently.

Act Strategically

Set award criteria that marries corporate strategy with key procurement objectives such as managing the number of suppliers, including switching costs, avoidance of monopolies or supporting small and medium suppliers.

Evaluate Quickly and Accurately

Use Keelvar's powerful evaluation engine for one-click evaluation. The headaches of spreadsheet analysis with its inherent inaccuracies and vulnerabilities are a thing of the past. Scenarios can be constructed with a rich variety of business constraints so that sourcing teams can tailor the strategic benefits of certain approaches and consider the trade-off in price and the Total Cost of Ownership.

Optimize Economic Efficiency

This approach is about finding win-win outcomes with suppliers that are keen to share opportunities for efficient delivery of goods and services. It also provides healthy competitive tension because large and small players have the freedom to play to their strengths. It is a platform for sustainable and efficient procurement in the long term.

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