High performing sourcing teams use Keelvar

Suppliers Communicate Savings

Creative bids with tiered discounts and alternate bids.

Fine Control

Explore costs and quality trade offsusing ‘what if’ scenarios for largeor small sourcing events.

Accelerate Bid Processes

One-click evaluation shortens time to value.


Easily initiate eAuction, RFX, single-round or multi-round events with flexible strategy designs.

Manage Large Datasets Easily

Bidders conduct online or offline bid preparation with validation at entry stage.

Fine-Tune Scenarios

Share ‘what if’ scenarios with colleagues and invite them to construct their own.

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“For Logistics and Procurement teams Keelvar delivers value through Optimization. Their analytics measure the fine balance between cost and service whilst at the same time embracing the total cost of ownership.”Chas Deller, 10X Ocean Solutions, San Francisco, USA.

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