Businesses need speed & agility to prosper. Legacy systems and processes are a barrier to success. Intelligent Sourcing Automation is changing the way suppliers communicate & interact for win-win outcomes.

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Enterprises are failing at a faster rate than ever before. The most adaptable companies survive. / Sourcing automation delivers responsiveness 24/7.


62% of CPO’s say their teams cannot implement strategy*. Sourcing automation delivers perfect adherence to policy and company objectives.
* [ Deloitte CPO Survey 2018 ]


Manually controlled sourcing delivers mixed standards. A.I. Driven sourcing delivers excellence without fail.

Efficiency Insight

Discovery of more efficient award outcomes is a key objective. When bidders can communicate economies of scale or scope, through contingent volume discounts or ‘either-or’ style bids, the right supplier wins the right Lot and you don’t end up with awardees envying what others received. Instead efficient outcomes mean that nobody else was better placed to service that requirement.

Process Compliance

Sometimes short-cuts in processes occur because the work entailed in ensuring switching costs were modelled or the required number of rounds of bidding etc were included. Automated systems will always conduct the process in the way it was intended.

Strategy Alignment

Precise alignment of corporate strategy to awards. Sometimes a corporate strategy to support social responsibility, supplier diversity or SME engagement is overlooked in a process that isn’t supported by systems with constraints and optimization to discover the trade-offs associated with such preferences or rules. Discovery of the costs and benefits of the corporate objectives can be calculated objectively and not ignored as it is sometimes done in subjective analyses




Integrations with internal systems for demand, supplier, stock data capture.


Microservices to initiate sourcing events.

Machine Learning

– For sourcing event classification and comprehension.
– For recognition of data in bid sheets.

Recommendation Engine

For bid mechanism.

Automated Outlier Detection

For data cleansing.

Automated messaging

to bidders of outliers.

Automated data correction invites and adjustment controls

Surcharge consistency rule enforcement

Typesafe data entry

for automated validation of bid data.

Automated adjustment of bid decrements and feedback

Automated calculation of scenarios with business rules

Autopilot for multi-round opening and closure execution

Combinatorial optimization

for value maximizing outcomes.

Auto-generation of scenario reports

Invitation to users

for selection of awards given suggested scenarios.

Category Specific Bots

All categories suited to eSourcing can be automated. The most obvious starting points are categories that involve frequent repetitive bid events and a need for speed. However, infrequent bid events with large spend volumes that embed best practice and automate it for ever more can also greatly benefit.

  • Precise alignment of corporate strategy to awards.
  • ROI of 100% in just over 1.5yrs, with 75% savings on the sourcing operations costs thereafter.
  • Reliable Excellence in Sourcing Processes.
  • Discovery of more efficient award outcomes.
  • Agility to respond immediately.