Strategic Sourcing & Artificial Intelligence: Will Jobs be Lost?

This question is often asked at the end of a seminar or webinar after we demonstrate how AI is automating certain tasks in the strategic sourcing cycle and that more tasks are scheduled for automation in 2018. So the short answer to the question is yes, jobs will be lost but a more complete answer is that new roles will … Read More

Keelvar World Tour 2017 – Dates Confirmed

Keelvar’s world tour continues with visits to Zurich, Carlsbad, Boston, Harvard, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London. We will be hopping between European and North American cities with a trip to Zurich first on the list. Then we hit the west coast of the US, then Boston and back to Europe for various cities. Some events are hosted by others whereas others … Read More

Is Recent Criticism of IBM’s Watson Unfair?

On May 8th, Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital, declared on CNBC that “Watson is a joke, just to be completely honest”. “I think what IBM is excellent at is using their sales and marketing infrastructure to convince people who have asymmetrically less knowledge to pay for something”. IBM responded that “Watson is not a consumer gadget but … Read More

Self-Driving Vehicles and Drones – What it means for procurement

Driverless vehicles are no longer a concept confined to science fiction , they are a tangible and very real option for buyers in certain locations to consider. Forecasts indicate that autonomous cars would be available in dealerships as soon as 2020 and by 2040 that 75% of all vehicles will be autonomous. If this doesn’t convince you that automated vehicles … Read More

Millennials & A.I.

Millennials & AI

Millennials and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Millennials, a word which instills fear and hope in equal amounts. Millennials are (debatably) born between 1980 and 2000 and even though you may remember “The Simpsons” debut episode like it was yesterday an entire generation has not only entered the workforce but are now the largest generation in the American workforce. Maybe you already … Read More

Controlling Bid Aggression in eAuctions

The best sports teams in rugby, NFL, soccer and other sports know that controlled aggression is the key to success. Running onto a pitch in a fury usually ends in red cards or premature exhaustion and ultimately loss. Recently, in the ocean freight transportation category, shippers had inventory marooned on vessels with no port willing to accept delivery because the … Read More

Risk management in the Era of Trump and Brexit

Risk management - Trump and Brexit Era

Globalization has hit reverse and more trade barriers can be expected as protectionism takes hold. Nobody knows how high or exactly where these barriers will exist. The challenges for procurement teams around the impending increases in protectionist policies in the UK and USA are difficult to manage but there are measures that can be taken in sourcing decisions to mitigate … Read More

Adoption, adoption, adoption

Unfortunately, if we measure the adoption of Sourcing Optimization technology over the last 15 years, it’s a not a rosy picture of success. Despite long years of development, many facelifts and refocused efforts in converting business models from customized projects into “self-service” solutions, the adoption rate of these technologies is still hovering at a small percentage of the organizations that … Read More

How Often Should Transport RFTs be Published?

In a recent survey conducted by Xeneta, shippers were asked how often they ran tendering exercises. This is a very interesting question because it poses several challenges for procurement teams and the right answer must address several unique factors for each business. The key factors that should decide timing and frequency of tendering are * current rates versus benchmarks for … Read More

SaaS Training – How it Works Best in an Agile Setting

Best practice training for SaaS is different in the way it is designed, delivered and sold because methodologies need to be mindful of the fast-changing world of SaaS applications. The biggest challenge of designing training for SaaS applications is maintenance. Keelvar updates so frequently, that traditional long-form training buckles under its own weight and becomes obsolete too quickly. It is … Read More